Using AI To Create Content

What AI can and can't do when it comes
to creating articles and content.

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google Bard have become the latest thing, and people are talking about how content and article creation could soon be in the hands of AI.

This begs the question: why write content yourself, or hire a content writer, when you can simply ask your friendly AI chatbot a series of questions, and have it write an article for you?

There are a lot of things AI can do well, but also some things that humans are probably better at doing, especially in regard to articles and content in general.

AI can definitely help in terms of research, and can probably help you find some information faster, without having to wade through lots of articles. It can also spin out generic content pretty fast.

However, here's some of the limitations of AI, in regard to creating content that draws people back to your site, and moves them to become customers.

- The "garbage in, garbage out" problem.

If much of the Internet is "wrong" on something (yes, I know, an impossible notion), then assuming a chatbot is drawing its knowledge from the Internet, it's likely to get some of its "facts" wrong. It's also likely to have a hard time distinguishing facts from opinions, and to identify human biases in how we present information.

- Limited ability to think abstractly, and thus creatively.

Humans can think "outside of the box," and also identify the boxes in the first place. I suppose this is a source of human creativity.

A lot of content could be built around directly answering people's questions. However, an important challenge for sellers is to create content that people want to read more of, so you can build a base of prospects and eventual customers... which requires a level of creativity and originality that AI-generated content could lack.

- It can't tell your story.

AI can't tell the back story of you, what you have to offer, and the insights you had along the way. This is something you'd have to tell it, just as you'd tell a human writer, who could also identify the most important aspects of your story, and tell it in a compelling way.

- Limited understanding of human emotions.

This is an interesting one. I suppose it's possible for AI to understand emotions at an academic level, but can a chatbot truly experience empathy, or care about people?

More importantly, does this matter? I guess for generic content, it doesn't. However, if you want to be influential and persuasive, truly caring about your audience probably helps. Without the ability to feel emotions, AI can only fake them.

- AI generated content may not be able to pre-sell.

In a sense, I created the Presell System to enable people to systematically create content that pre-sells what they have to offer, moving people gradually to the point where they're "ready to buy."

I suppose most systems could be automated by AI. However, the system needs a certain amount of creativity, which is what humans still do best.

This is why I think effective Presell Content can be far better when written by humans, rather than a chatbot that is, in effect, spinning other people's content.

Humans are still best at figuring out the ideas and concepts your target audience need to buy into, before they can become ready to buy... and especially in identifying the biggest ideas that could inspire them to buy.

Humans are the best at telling their own stories, drawing lessons from those stories, entertaining other people, and creating a personality.

AI might be able to help with determining potential objections, but humans are the ones who can come up with creative ways to pre-empt those objections, factoring in human emotions, biases, limiting beliefs and so on.

The bottom line is... AI can help with producing generic content and articles, but if you want articles that stand out from the crowd, I think human writers still have a major advantage, especially when creating Presell Content.