Presell Reports

Your secret weapon for warming up prospects,
making more sales, and having a major
advantage over the competition.

It can turn cold visitors into warm or hot prospects, help you make more sales, and it could give you a big advantage over your competitors.

I call it a Presell Report.

What is a Presell Report?

It's a special type of lead magnet, usually in PDF format... ranging in size from 10 pages or less to maybe 30 pages. (I recommend keeping it fairly short, so people can read it one sitting.)

As with any other lead magnet, it can be used to attract leads... which is important if you have anything to sell, or you want to build an audience.

However, what makes a Presell Report different from a typical lead magnet, is that the content has been carefully constructed to move people, in a gradual and systematic manner, through all the stages of the journey they need to go through, before they can believe YOUR offer is the right one for them.

Let me explain the "special ingredients" that go into a Presell Report, why it could become your "secret weapon" for warming up prospects and making more sales, and how to get one for your product or service.

What are the ingredients that make a Presell Report special?

Here are the five aspects that should be in a Presell Report:

1. It should build agreement for each of the points your prospects need to accept, if they're going to see your product as the one for them.

Before your prospects can think about buying from you, they may first need to accept certain points, thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Let's say you offer an international calling service, where people can buy eSIMS to connect to the Internet just about anywhere in the world. (An eSIM or "embedded sim" allows you to activate cellular services or a mobile data plan from your network provider, without needing a physical SIM card.)

Clearly, for people to consider this as something they need and want, they'd first need to know (a) what eSIMs are, (b) how it would benefit them, (c) how they can use them to connect to the Internet, and (d) technical details, such as which cellphones and laptops accept eSIMS.

You can make these points on your website, but prospects might miss them.

You could make them in a sales pitch, but people are skeptical and impatient of pitches, so the points might not get through clearly... assuming people sit through the whole pitch, which many won't.

You could put them in a Presell Report aimed at, say, digital nomads (people who want to work from anywhere). The advantage of doing this is, you're probably writing to the right target audience for your service. You can make all the points you need to, in a report they want to read... and in a non-sales context, so they won't necessarily put up the same resistance. After all, they're just reading an informative report, not a sales pitch.

2. It should build and demonstrate your authority.

When you have "authority" in the eyes of your prospects, they're more likely to listen to you and follow your recommendations... which may include buying what you have to offer. Use your Presell Report to show you're not just an expert, but The Expert for them. Ultimately, having authority allows prospects to trust you in getting them the results they desire.

3. It should dissolve objections and limiting beliefs, before prospects discover your product.

Objections can be tackled in a sales pitch, but it's usually better to deal with them before revealing your product, so prospects have an easier time accepting the case for your product.

By doing this, you're smoothing the path for your prospects, and removing obstacles that could potentially stumble them. This is what a good Presell Report can do.

Limiting beliefs may also prevent prospects from believing they can resolve their problems and issues, so your Presell Report can gently and tactfully dissolve those beliefs, clearing the way for them to accept your solution.

4. It should eliminate the alternatives.

Unless your product is unique in the marketplace, prospects have alternatives to choose from.

There are also conceptual alternatives to deal with. Someone could buy a "How To Lose Weight In 28 Days" course, but conceptual alternatives would be going to the gym or doing a lot of walking.

Use your Presell Report to gradually eliminate the alternatives in the mind of your prospects, so they see your solution as the right one for them.

5. It should be based on an idea so compelling that, if prospects buy into this idea, buying what you have to offer becomes the next natural and logical step.

I'll admit, finding an idea that has the power to do this is tricky, but most of your competitors won't bother to find one... so when YOU do, your Presell Report will stand out from other lead magnets.

I call this kind of idea a Bridging Idea, because it bridges the gap between where your prospects are at, at the beginning of their "buyer's journey," and where you want them to be before they buy. This is one of the most important aspects of a Presell Report.

Why a Presell Report is your "Secret Weapon" to more
sales and an edge over your competition.

As I said, a Presell Report is a special type of lead magnet, so you can use it to attract leads and build a big audience.

At the same time, it's carefully designed to turn "cold" site visitors into "red hot" prospects... in a systematic manner.

Once prospects read your Presell Report, they are effectively pre-sold on what you have to offer, which means they're much more likely to buy it.

What's exciting about this is, most of your competitors don't currently know how to create these types of reports, so you can have a competitive advantage over them... at least for the moment!

Besides, you can key your Presell Report to what makes you unique or distinctive, making it much harder for competitors to come along and "copy and paste" what you're doing.

How to Get Your Own Presell Report

Unfortunately, most writers don't know how to blend in the special ingredients necessary to make a Presell Report work, so even if you hire a great writer to create your report, you'll probably get a lead magnet... but not necessarily the type of report I've been talking about in this article.

There are really only two ways to ensure you're getting an actual Presell Report, and not just a lead magnet... which will depend on your budget.

(1) I can write one for you. (Budget: About $300-$1,000).

If you don't have the time to create your own, and are willing to spend some money on this, you could hire me to write one for you.

I'm the one who invented the concept of a Presell Report, so I think it's fair to say, I know how to write them! For example, I recently created a 31-page report for a big client in the field of "product launches"... which pre-sold a $2,000 course (and generated him over 23,700 leads).

I've also written Presell Reports for affiliate marketers, solopreneurs, authors, and small businesses.

I can write them any size you like, but I usually recommend a length of about 10-14 pages, so your prospects can read them quickly in one sitting. If you're on a tight budget, you could also consider a smaller one to begin with.

(2) You can create your own, using the Presell System as a guide. (Budget: Less than $200.)

I appreciate that not everyone can afford to hire me, and some people like the challenge of doing it themselves.

This is why I created the Presell System. For much less than $200, I'll show you exactly how to structure and write your Presell Report, as well as how to create articles that draw people into your world, and emails that presell.

In short, you'll see how to put together a powerful pre-selling campaign, which can warm up your prospects before you send them off to any sales pitch. (Or you might find you could ditch the pitch altogether!)

This is the way to go if you're on a tight budget, and you have time to do some writing. (I'll also show you how to write these things quickly and effectively, even if you don't consider yourself to be a good writer.)

Whichever way you choose, if you can put a good Presell Report in front of your site visitors, the cost of creating the report could easily be recouped by the increase in sales you could make.