The Buyer's Journey.

Smooth the path, and be their guide
on a journey of preselling.

Your customers or clients have gone on a journey to arrive at the point of buying from you. This is called the Buyer's Journey.

The route each person takes could be different, and involve points of contact with you and your site, along with their feelings, emotions, and their thoughts at the time.

Let's take Sally and John, two imaginary clients of yours, and let's look at the buyer's journey for them both.

Sally first heard about you from an article on another site, and she liked what she read. She went to your own site to find out more, and signed up for your newsletter.

For a long time, she remained a subscriber rather than a client, because she had doubts about herself, and certain issues with your product that hadn't been addressed... until one day, you happened to send out a broadcast email which dealt with the issues. As a result, she bought.


John's journey looks very different. He initially heard about you from a colleague who was already a client of yours, and had recommended you to John, even giving him your business card.

John filed away your card for a year, until he started looking around for the kind of solution you have to offer. He nearly went with someone else... but fortunately, he remembered your card and the recommendation, and went to your site.

He skipped the newsletter and bought the product right away. The rest is history.


The Buyer's Journey for these two people look very different, even though they eventually end up in the same place.

The question is...

Is there a way to speed up the Buyer's Journey, and make it less random?

I think so, yes.

Pre-selling - the skill of moving people closer to being "ready to buy" - is all about guiding people through the Buyer's Journey.

If you've read my free report The Presell Content Secret, you'll know about the Presell Content Framework, which consists of 3 main types of Presell Content.

Key Articles are designed to quickly rock their world, teach your potential buyers something memorable and useful, and tease them into your world.

(The "memorable" part can bring them back if they forget about you for a while, because you've left an impression in their mind.)

Your Presell Report (or other big piece of presell content) is designed to presell in a big way, and builds your authority to the point where they see YOU as The Expert in your field.

The Follow-up Sequence of emails is designed not just to keep in touch with them, but also to cater for the reasons they haven't yet bought from you.

Smoothing The Path

The bottom line is, following a Presell Content Framework means you can be a guide to your potential buyer on their journey, smoothing the path for them and making it far less erratic.

You can also create preselling milestones along the way, to make sure your potential customers are moving in the right direction... and these can accelerate the speed at which they decide to buy.